Ignorance is bliss.

Way back in the day, doing a startup was hard. We did not have all the online resources available today. There were no accelerators, no y-combinator school, no startup weekends, and Venture Capital was mostly a Silicon Valley thing. No Twitter, no Facebook, no LinkedIn. It was hard.

And we had it good. For me, it was actually preferable to the environment that we are now in and which a first time founder faces.

Over the course of the last 9 months, I have had conversations with hundreds of entrepreneurs, mostly early stage, that have reached out to me. Many…

Being a founder and coming to terms with being alone.

I recently read an amazing article by Ryan Caldbeck, titled ‘Transitions’. It is well worth your time. It was gut wrenching to read. Ryan’s story is much heavier and the issues he dealt with much worse than what I experienced as a founder, but the feelings of loneliness and burnout are apparent in his telling, and are not unlike the feelings I myself have felt throughout my career, and that I have helped countless founders at first, identify, and then, deal with.

My own journey into the lonely world of being a founder caught me off guard. I felt it…

Looking for Ikigai.

I began Contemplating my Next Adventure a little over two years ago. Last week, Rick Turoczy messaged me and suggested that while I written a bunch about the outcomes of my process, I have not written about the process itself. Given that nudge, this short article will address the process I used.

First, in order to think, I need to clear out my mind. This is prep for the process. I used the approach spelled out in James Clear’s Atomic Habits. The thinking was that I needed to ‘automate’ as much of my life as possible in order to free…

Finding your path toward your true calling.

The process of contemplating the next adventure in my life started a little over 24 months ago. I could not have imagined that the second half of this period of contemplation would have up-ended our nation the way it did. Politically and socially, things got a little weird. I am sitting here writing this after almost a full year of not really interacting directly with anyone outside of my family.

To go back to where it all started, you can take a trip to my thoughts two years ago to see what I was thinking then. …

Tips for making your pitch not suck.

Over the course of the past year, I have looked at hundreds of pitch decks. Despite the massive number of articles and guides out there, many people still seem to be missing the mark. Lately, I have been reviewing the decks of several who have looked online and formatted their slide decks in the ‘standard’ 10 slide order, and many are still lacking.

I recently read a great guide here — Stripe Atlas: Guide to pitching your startup, which does a great job of getting you into the right mindset to pitch.

I have heard comments online from many who…

What could have been and wasn’t.

Musings of a hippie trying to learn to be a hunter.

You can read part one here — Searching For a Job is Broken, part 1

The whole process of looking for jobs has not changed in a while. People are looking for jobs, and employers cannot seem to find the talent they want and need.

Job seekers are sitting at home firing off application after application, and mostly waiting for some response. Employers are drowning in a tidal wave of inbound interest, which often has little differentiation between the hundreds of applicants.

The market has too much friction. There are people that want to add value who are operating at…

Drinking from a firehose while looking for a needle in a haystack.

So, I had some PTSD this morning.

I am trying to help one of our portfolio companies find some devs. I posted a message on Linkedin and on Twitter (expecting that maybe one of the many people I know might need some work or know someone who does.)

I was not expecting to wake up to see my LinkedIn inbox flooded with HUNDREDS of inmails and requests to connect.

Many of the requests were so off the mark that after 3 minutes of trying I gave up, and archived them all (and maybe missing some gold in there). Most were…

Work from Anywhere, Whenever.

With the pandemic slowly getting somewhat under control, the twitterverse is chattering as people prognosticate as to what the future of work looks like. Will work from home become the dominant form of employment? Will we abandon the cities? Will we ever go into the office again? Will it snap back to ‘normal’ and we go back to what life looked like before the virus up-ended it all?

I have my own thoughts (which are more like wishes) for a future that is not as binary as the discussions happening seem to predict.

San Francisco and NYC will not die…

The struggle of society to adapt to where the world is going and untapped Innovation capacity.

A few months ago, I read an article on PitchBook a while ago that was touching on ‘Work from Home” and the flight from the big metros. Things are changing for the better — being in NYC or SF is no longer being seen as a requirement. Those that are choosing not to live in those locations are (hopefully) no longer being seen as those who ‘could not cut it’ in the ‘real world’. The real world, and those that work hard to build, exists outside of those bubbles.

Around the same time I read a tweet thread from Chris…

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